Look closer, often the small things go unnoticed. On the left, we have the clean, simple contrast of


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Fly 2 copy

It's been wedding ring madness so far this year...! Some classic and some not so classic, I love mak


It’s a suitable time to be posting this ring as it was remade from a mother’s existing ring

Fly  copy


Definitely one of the best reactions I've had from a client when they opened the box




new friends,  complete strangers or acquaintanc

With Stones 4 copy


White Gold

Unfitted Wedder and Tension 8 copy

Simple, soft, gold.jpg.jpg.jpg Made for life

Unfitted Wedder and Tension 3



Very happy with these wedding bands from last year

Very overdue post on these wedding bands I made earlier in the year

A bit of a favourite combination. The focus this tension set ring brings to a modest size gemstone i

With Stones 6 copy

PB221669 copy

PB221655 copy


Side Band Blank 5 copy




Raeoni 2

Black, Bold, Gold... blackened white gold wedding ring with rose gold inside

Such a fun way to upcycle an old ring, although there can be a lot of potential issues with reusing

This old school inspired ring was such a fun one to work on for Jo, keeping the design and memory of

I’m always happy when I get to try new variations. Both these rings have elements I’ve never quite d

What makes a matching wedding ring_ This rose gold band is different to the engagement ring in prett

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